In August 2018, another, already the ninth, stamp exhibition PRAGA 2018 will take place. It is surely worth recalling their history. These exhibitions have always been a good opportunity for meeting and exchanging experience among collectors from many countries, regardless of what political regime reigned at the given time. At the same time, they significantly influenced general interest in philately in our country and undoubtedly contributed to a significant degree to upbringing younger generation of philatelists. It is an important aim of the Praga 2018 Exhibition organizers to continue this tradition so that also the newly prepared exhibition joins with dignity the ranks of its predecessors.

Therefore, let’s recall the history of the International and World exhibitions PRAGA 1938195519621968197819881998 and 2008.

Help us with interesting items from exhibitions

Do you own interesting materials from PRAGA exhibitions? Send us their scan with a resolution of at least 600 DPI. We are interested, for example, in photos with captions, scans of medals, certificates or exhibition posters. 

Similarly, if you own an exhibit that was exhibited at any PRAGA exhibition or related to the exhibition through its theme, we will be happy if you publish it at the Exponet virtual exhibition – www.exponet.info. We will be happy to publish a link to your thematic exhibit related to exhibitions.