Exponet – The virtual philatelic exhibition

The virtual philatelic exhibition EXPONET is an internet space designed for storing, exhibiting, searching and studying electronically displayed philatelic material (exhibits). One can find here number of interesting philatelic presentations that can introduce and document various areas of philately together with many competitive exhibits (prepared according to the rules of FIP), often highly rated on regular exhibitions. EXPONET is a non-competitive exhibition promoting the philately as well as inspiriting and instructing the visitors to create own stamp exhibits.

For exhibitors it is a way how to simply present their collecting and study results and display them to the philatelic public. In contrast to the physical stamp exhibitions, the exhibits are permanently placed at EXPONET without any damage to the exhibited materials. The virtual exhibition is available to visitors from around the world with an easy access from their home or during the trips. EXPONET contains both the currently existing as well as older no more existing exhibits.