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Czech jazz has gone global

A stamp commemorating Czech jazz and the leading Czech jazz artists, such as Jaroslav Ježek, Jiří Šlitr, Jiří Suchý, Jiří Stivín, and Karel Růžička Sr., has been issued by Czech Post in May 2018.
The designer, Jiří Slíva, approached the theme with appropriate use of humour: the stamp portrays the Czech lion with a typical jazzman’s headgear and saxophone.
The Z-stamp whose current value corresponds to CZK 41 can be used to pay for the international priority service International Ordinary Mail up to 50 g to non-European countries.

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Meetings at WSC Israel 2018

The PRAGA 2018 Organizing Committee representatives met during the visit of WSC Israel 2018 Stamp Exhibition with Mr. Christoph Gärtner of the Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner  ( being the partner and official auctioneer to PRAGA 2018. We discussed the practical questions of the PRAGA organization and the further steps executed by both parties. Gärtner Auction House promoted PRAGA 2018 exhibition not only at the sales booth, but also by the roll-up displayed in the main exhibition hall of the Jerusalem event and by the leaflets distributed to the exhibition visitors.
Mr. Gärtner informed us about the rarities auction run within the official PRAGA 2018 program on August 16 – 17, 2018 in the second floor of the Clarion Congress Hotel. The material suppliers and the auction participants might still contact directly the Gärtner Auction House for the event (Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner, Steinbeisstraße 6+8, D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany; email:
WSC Israel 2018 organizers awarded the official flag of the FIP to the PRAGA 2018 representatives at a special ceremony during the Palmares dinner. PRAGA exhibition therefore took over the baton for the prominent stamp event organizers.

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Presidential Auspices for PRAGA 2018

Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, issued his presidential auspices for our PRAGA 2018 exhibition. The tradition of the presidential auspices to the PRAGA exhibitions started in 1938 with the very first PRAGA exhibition given by President dr. Edvard Beneš.

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The New Czech Postage Stamp showing the Mucha´s Prague Castle Stamp

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued in February 2018 a new postage stamp commemorating the original stamp issue “Hradčany / Prague Castle” being put into the circulation in 1918. The Hradčany stamps were the very first postage stamps produced by the newly created Czechoslovakia. The author of the original stamp was the globally famous painter of the Czech origin, Mr. Alfons Mucha (1860-1939).
The recent stamp has been designed by the academic painter Mr. Kryštof Krejča considering the original sketch produced by Alfons Mucha. The stamp was printed by Postal Printing House in Prague in form of an improved printing sheet consisting of 9 stamps and 12 tabs. The tabs remember Alfons Mucha, his another work – the Falcon Issue of 1918 and our PRAGA 2018 stamp exhibition.

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Promotion of Czech philately on PrahaTV continues

Today (22.3.2018), Mr. David Kopřiva, an appraiser, was a guest on a talk show Guest of the day on PrahaTV. He talks about beauties of philately, qualification terms for the world expo, recent sale of the most expensive czechoslovak stamp – granitic four with upside down overprint for 9,3 million CZK and the opportunity to see the iconic blue and red Mauritius during the PRAGA world expo.
The whole interview is accesible through this LINK (only in Czech).

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PRAGA 2018 Preparation Continues!

The PRAGA Organizing Committee continues the preparation of the exhibition. Our current main activity deals with acceptance of the exhibits with the applications submitted from over 70 countries. We read carefully all the applications and we finalized the list of the accepted exhibits to be displayed at the PRAGA 2018 exhibition.
We informed the national commissioners about the exhibit acceptance in the deadline set by the IREX (Feb. 20, 2018). The national commissioners will inform the individual exhibitors. The next step is payment of the participation fee (see art. 9 of the IREX). The fee to be again collected by the national commissioners, who will transfer the full fee prescribed for the particular country to the PRAGA organizers. Please don´t pay the participation fee directly to the Organizing Committee, but to your national commissioner for the PRAGA Exhibition! List of the national commissioners is available HERE at the exhibition website. We will open the Euro bank account suitable for payment of the participation fees making the bank transfer as easy and efficient as possible for all the involved parties.

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Czech Post’s stamps to commemorate the Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games

The Olympic Winter Games take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9. Czech Post commemorates both the Olympic and the subsequent Paralympic Games with two stamps, both designed by Zdeněk Netopil. As a valuable commemorative philatelic product, these stamps with sports motifs should be a part of every collector’s collection.

The motif of the 2018 Czech Olympic Team stamp is the figure of a biathlete standing while shooting. You can buy the stamp at any post office or online HERE.

The 2018 Czech Paralympic Team stamp depicts a mono skier. The stamp can be purchased online HERE as well as at any post office.

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Visit to Prague by Mr. Bernard Jimenez, FIP Consultant for PRAGA 2018

Mr. Bernard Jimenez, the Vice-president of Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) acting as PRAGA 2018 Consultant, visited Prague on Jan. 21 – 22, 2018. He met the members of the Organizing Committee to discuss the current activities and preparations for the exhibition. He also visited  the facilities of the future exhibition, where its competitive classes to be displayed. At the end of the visit Mr. Jimenez expressed his appreciation to the Organization Committee and assured the organizers about his delight for PRAGA 2018.

Fig. 1 – Mr. Bernard Jimenez, FIP Vice-President, and Mr. Vit Vanicek, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Fig. 2 – B. Jimenez and V. Vanicek with the Clarion Hotel representative at the survey visit of the PRAGA 2018 facility (where Mary Kay Company organized an event at the time of our visit)

Fig. 3 – 4: B. Jimenez and V. Vanicek visting the Prague Postal Museum together with Mr. Jiri Strecha, Postal Museum Director, and Jan Kramar, Head of Postal and Telecommunication History Department of the Postal Museum

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Czech Postal Administration becomes the PRAGA 2018 General Partner!

We are pleased to announce to the philatelic public, that the Czech Postal Administration decided to act as the General Partner of the coming PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition.
The exhibition visitors will get a chance to visit the Czech Postal Administration boot at the exhibition to buy the recent postage stamps, postal stationary and to get the commemorative cancellations.

General Partner of the PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition

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PRAGA exhibit applications

We have received the application forms from more than 70 countries of the world proposing the exhibits in the total volume of 3.000 frames. This is a double quantity of the available space. We are now checking the applications and selecting the exhibits for PRAGA 2018. The exhibitors shall be informed about acceptance/rejecting of their exhibit during February 2018. We are apologizing to all the exhibitors, whose exhibits cannot be accepted for our exhibition, and looking forward to displaying their exhibit at one of the next PRAGA exhibitions.

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We are wishing all the health, good luck and the philatelic efforts gained during 2018 to all the stamp collectors and we are looking forward to meet all of You and Your family members at the PRAGA 2018 exhibition.
The special thanks and the New Year wishes are being sent to the PRAGA Club members contributing to the effort of the exhibition not only by their sympathy, but also by the financial contribution.
You can become a member of this prominent club, too!

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Volunteers Wanted !!!

The PRAGA 2018 Organizing Committee invites the volunteers for the exhibition auxiliary works. The candidates shall contact the email . Please specify your limitations and preferences.
Thank you.

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The PRAGA 2018 promotion at BRASILIA 2017

The PRAGA specialized world stamp exhibition has been promoted during the Brasilia stamp show. The prominent event  was  used for a friendly discussion of Mr. Vaníček, PRAGA President, with Christoph Gärtner Firm being the main philatelic partner of the PRAGA Exhibition.

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PRAGA 2018 Nominations for National Commissioners

Organization of PRAGA 2018 Exhibition has received a great response from the stamp collectors around the world. We have received the nominations for the national commissioners already from 70 countries of the world covering all five continents. We found among the actively participating countries for example Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, South Africa, Kuwait, India, China, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany or Austria, but also a couple of smaller countries like Macedonia/FYROM, Ecuador, Cuba, Singapore or Monaco. The Slovak Union already nominated its national commissioner, too. The PRAGA visitors will enjoy the representative panel of the stamp exhibits due to this high interest of the worldwide philatelic community.

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PRAGA PICCOLA 2017 Stamp Exhibition

The First Czech –German Stamp Exhibition PRAGA PICCOLA 2017 was organized in September 2017  in Prague parallel with the Collector Fair as the last qualification event for the PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition. Many of the displayed exhibits reached the top awards and we shall congratulate to the exhibitors to the success created by their hard work. The Palmares of the stamp exhibition has been shown at  palmare-praga-piccola-2017.html
The Prague events were accompanied by a session organized by the PRAGA 2018 Organization Committee. The committee members discussed the further steps in the PRAGA preparation. The gathering was documented by a joint-photo made together with Mr. Walter Müller, Chairman of the Union of Czech Philatelists.

The important German stamp firm Auktionashaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG being the only official auctioneer of the PRAGA 2018 Exhibition took part in the Collector Fair in Prague. Representatives of PRAGA  organization committee used this excellent opportunity to meet with the representatives of Christoph Gärtner Auction House to discuss the coming world stamp exhibition.

The Czech Postal Administration celerated the Collector Fair and PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition by issuance of a new postage stamp showing the Mauritius “Post Office” stamp as reported in a previous notice displayed at our website.

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Invitation to PRAGA PICCOLA 2017 Stamp Exhibition

PRAGA PICCOLA 2017 is a Czech-German stamp exhibition organized on Sept. 8 – 9, 2017 in Prague. The stamp exhibition will accompany the already traditional and well attended Collector Fair ( . The organizers of the event are ArGe Tschechoslowakei (, Union of Czech Philatelists ( represented by Kladno Stamp Club and Czech Postal Administration (

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Blue Mauritius on a stamp

Czech Post issued a stamp with the motif of the legendary Blue Mauritius stamp. The stamp was designed by Jaromír and Kamil Knotek.The red and the blue Mauritius Post Office are clearly the best known stamps to the general public in the world. Only 12 copies of the blue version (2 pence) and 14 copies of the red version (1 penny) of the stamp exist in the world. They were issued on the Mauritius Island on 20 September 1847, each in the volume of 500. You will be able to see the original Blue Mauritius stamp within the PRAGA 2018 exhibition.

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New postage stamp issued for PRAGA 2018 exhibition.

Graphic designer: Freely adapted from the original drawing by the academic painter and graphic artist Dušan Kállay

The pneumatic post system in Prague was open to the public on 4 March 1899. Although the first route was built as early as 1887, it was used only to send telegrams from the Lesser Town with the main telegraph station Prague 10 to the main post office in Jindřiská street at Prague 1. On 4 March 1899, the system was extended to include an Old Town post office. The main purpose of the system was transportation of telegrams. A link to Prague Castle was built in 1920. In the 1990s, the system still used to transport about 9 thousand containers a month but the traffic gradually faded and the floods in 2002 resulted in its interim close-down.

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Information about the PRAGA 2018 Stamp Expo sales event

Organizer: Double Impact s.r.o., V Zarezu 902/4, 150 00 Praha 5
Phone:  +420 223 014 424
Web page:
Date: August 15 – 18, 2018
Venue: Olympic tristar Hotel, U Sluncove 14, Praha 8,
There is a convenient transport from the PRAGA 2018 exhibition to the stamp bourse with the Underground (B line in yellow colour) from Vysocanska Station to Invalidovna Station (duration about 7 minutes).
The information about the dealers places at the stamp bourse to be provided by the Organizer, Double Impact s.r.o. Company.

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Revenue Stamps Displayed at PRAGA 2018

The PRAGA 2018 specialized world stamp exhibition has been expanded for the new exhibition class of the Revenue Stamps to meet the high demand of the potential exhibitors.

The PRAGA 2018 Individual Regulations (IREX) has been up-dated in art. 5.2.  “Exhibition Classes” for a new chapter “Class 7. Revenue Stamps” with an immediate effect.The full IREX wording has been shown at: http://praga-2018.localhost/en/irex-individual-regulations/

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The Bombay Cover

One of the most important items displayed at the PRAGA 2018 specialized world stamp exhibition is so called “Bombay Cover” being franked with two Red Mauritius Post Office stamps. The cover was mailed on Jan. 4, 1850 by Reverend L. Banks living in Mauritius to Auxiliary Bible Society in Bombay. The envelope shows the strikes of the Port Luis postmarks.

The cover was found by Mr. Ch. Howard in 1897 at a Bombay bazar. The lucky founder sold the item next year to a stamp collector. The cover was treated few times until 1917, when it was acquired by the prominent stamp collector A.F. Lichtenstein. The Bombay Cover was owned by the Lichtenstein family until 1968, when the cover was bought by famous Weill Brothers, the rarity stamp dealers from New Orleans, who kept the item until 1990.The last trade of the cover was executed in Switzerland in 2016, when the rarity was acquired by a Czech stamp collector, who promised to show the Bombay Cover at PRAGA 2018 stamp exhibition to introduce the exceptionally seen rarity to the philatelic and non-philatelic public.

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The Mauritius Stamps Will Rule the PRAGA 2018 Exhibition!

The philately is often called the King of the Collectibles, the PRAGA exhibition must therefore display the Kings among the postage stamps: the Mauritius Post Office stamps in red and blue colours.
Both stamps were issued in 1847 on the Mauritius Island. Many of the surviving pieces have been found by Mrs. Jeanne Borchard from Bordeaux, who found the stamps in the company archive of her husband, who was the wine dealer selling the great French wines to Mauritius. Both copies of the stamps were acquired in 2016 by a reputable Czech collector. The owner decided to display both stamps at the PRAGA 2018 exhibition to enable the public to see the rarities at the own eyes.
Both Mauritius stamps have an interesting history. The Red 1 penny stamp was detected by Mrs. Borchard in 1864. Afterwards the stamps was a part of the important collections, the collectors admiring the stamp for the longest time were Mr. M. Schiller (France, 1865-1897) and the unknown Bavarian collector (Germany, 1952-2011). The Blue stamp was found by Mrs. Borchard about 1869 and later owned by the famous Belgian dealer and collector J.B. Moens, Baron Rothschild, Philippe Ferrary and Maurice Burrus until it was acquired by Sir C.H. Cripps creating the well-known Chartwell Collection. After the sale of the famous collection the stamp was moving to the Czech Republic, where the stamp hopefully remains forever. Come to Prague to see the treasures of the world philately!


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Promotion campaign launched

There is no doubt that the international promoting activities already started as demonstrated by the photos taken by Mr. Vit Vanicek, the chairman of the Organizing Committee during a meeting with the official philatelic partner, the German auction house Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG, in Germany on Feb. 23-24, 2017.

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a continuously updated list of donors will be published at the webpage of Praga Club .

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FIP patronage of the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2018 granted

Signature of the agreement between Bernard Jimenez – FIP Vice-President and PRAGA 2018 consultant, and Vít Vaníček – the chairman of Spolek Světová výstava poštovních známek PRAGA 2018, on the grant of FIP patronage by 74th Congress on 26th October 2016 in Taipei/Taiwan

Podpis smlouvy mezi B. Jimenezem (místopředsedou FIP) a V. Vaníčkem (předseda Spolku Světová výstava poštovních známek PRAGA 2018), o udělení patronátu FIP.

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