The Mauritius Stamps Will Rule the PRAGA 2018 Exhibition!

The philately is often called the King of the Collectibles, the PRAGA exhibition must therefore display the Kings among the postage stamps: the Mauritius Post Office stamps in red and blue colours.

Both stamps were issued in 1847 on the Mauritius Island. Many of the surviving pieces have been found by Mrs. Jeanne Borchard from Bordeaux, who found the stamps in the company archive of her husband, who was the wine dealer selling the great French wines to Mauritius. Both copies of the stamps were acquired in 2016 by a reputable Czech collector. The owner decided to display both stamps at the PRAGA 2018 exhibition to enable the public to see the rarities at the own eyes.

Both Mauritius stamps have an interesting history. The Red 1 penny stamp was detected by Mrs. Borchard in 1864. Afterwards the stamps was a part of the important collections, the collectors admiring the stamp for the longest time were Mr. M. Schiller (France, 1865-1897) and the unknown Bavarian collector (Germany, 1952-2011). The Blue stamp was found by Mrs. Borchard about 1869 and later owned by the famous Belgian dealer and collector J.B. Moens, Baron Rothschild, Philippe Ferrary and Maurice Burrus until it was acquired by Sir C.H. Cripps creating the well-known Chartwell Collection. After the sale of the famous collection the stamp was moving to the Czech Republic, where the stamp hopefully remains forever. Come to Prague to see the treasures of the world philately!