The New Czech Postage Stamp showing the Mucha´s Prague Castle Stamp

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued in February 2018 a new postage stamp commemorating the original stamp issue “Hradčany / Prague Castle” being put into the circulation in 1918. The Hradčany stamps were the very first postage stamps produced by the newly created Czechoslovakia. The author of the original stamp was the globally famous painter of the Czech origin, Mr. Alfons Mucha (1860-1939).

The recent stamp has been designed by the academic painter Mr. Kryštof Krejča considering the original sketch produced by Alfons Mucha. The stamp was printed by Postal Printing House in Prague in form of an improved printing sheet consisting of 9 stamps and 12 tabs. The tabs remember Alfons Mucha, his another work – the Falcon Issue of 1918 and our PRAGA 2018 stamp exhibition.