PRAGA 2018 Preparation Continues!

The PRAGA Organizing Committee continues the preparation of the exhibition. Our current main activity deals with acceptance of the exhibits with the applications submitted from over 70 countries. We read carefully all the applications and we finalized the list of the accepted exhibits to be displayed at the PRAGA 2018 exhibition.

We informed the national commissioners about the exhibit acceptance in the deadline set by the IREX (Feb. 20, 2018). The national commissioners will inform the individual exhibitors. The next step is payment of the participation fee (see art. 9 of the IREX). The fee to be again collected by the national commissioners, who will transfer the full fee prescribed for the particular country to the PRAGA organizers. Please don´t pay the participation fee directly to the Organizing Committee, but to your national commissioner for the PRAGA Exhibition! List of the national commissioners is available HERE at the exhibition website. We will open the Euro bank account suitable for payment of the participation fees making the bank transfer as easy and efficient as possible for all the involved parties.