Praga 2018
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PRAGA 2018 will show the Mauritius ‘Post Office‘
Stamps and the legendary Bombay Cover.
Stamp Stamp


Czech jazz has gone global

A stamp commemorating Czech jazz and the leading Czech jazz artists, such as Jaroslav Ježek, Jiří Šlitr, Jiří Suchý, Jiří Stivín, and Karel Růžička Sr., has been issued by Czech Post in May 2018.
The designer, Jiří Slíva, approached the theme with appropriate use of humour: the stamp portrays the Czech lion with a typical jazzman’s headgear and saxophone.
The Z-stamp whose current value corresponds to CZK 41 can be used to pay for the international priority service International Ordinary Mail up to 50 g to non-European countries.

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Meetings at WSC Israel 2018

The PRAGA 2018 Organizing Committee representatives met during the visit of WSC Israel 2018 Stamp Exhibition with Mr. Christoph Gärtner of the Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner  ( being the partner and official auctioneer to PRAGA 2018. We discussed the practical questions of the PRAGA organization and the further steps executed by both parties. Gärtner Auction House promoted PRAGA 2018 exhibition not only at the sales booth, but also by the roll-up displayed in the main exhibition hall of the Jerusalem event and by the leaflets distributed to the exhibition visitors.
Mr. Gärtner informed us about the rarities auction run within the official PRAGA 2018 program on August 16 – 17, 2018 in the second floor of the Clarion Congress Hotel. The material suppliers and the auction participants might still contact directly the Gärtner Auction House for the event (Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner, Steinbeisstraße 6+8, D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany; email:
WSC Israel 2018 organizers awarded the official flag of the FIP to the PRAGA 2018 representatives at a special ceremony during the Palmares dinner. PRAGA exhibition therefore took over the baton for the prominent stamp event organizers.

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Presidential Auspices for PRAGA 2018

Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, issued his presidential auspices for our PRAGA 2018 exhibition. The tradition of the presidential auspices to the PRAGA exhibitions started in 1938 with the very first PRAGA exhibition given by President dr. Edvard Beneš.

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The New Czech Postage Stamp showing the Mucha´s Prague Castle Stamp

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued in February 2018 a new postage stamp commemorating the original stamp issue “Hradčany / Prague Castle” being put into the circulation in 1918. The Hradčany stamps were the very first postage stamps produced by the newly created Czechoslovakia. The author of the original stamp was the globally famous painter of the Czech origin, Mr. Alfons Mucha (1860-1939).
The recent stamp has been designed by the academic painter Mr. Kryštof Krejča considering the original sketch produced by Alfons Mucha. The stamp was printed by Postal Printing House in Prague in form of an improved printing sheet consisting of 9 stamps and 12 tabs. The tabs remember Alfons Mucha, his another work – the Falcon Issue of 1918 and our PRAGA 2018 stamp exhibition.

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Promotion of Czech philately on PrahaTV continues

Today (22.3.2018), Mr. David Kopřiva, an appraiser, was a guest on a talk show Guest of the day on PrahaTV. He talks about beauties of philately, qualification terms for the world expo, recent sale of the most expensive czechoslovak stamp – granitic four with upside down overprint for 9,3 million CZK and the opportunity to see the iconic blue and red Mauritius during the PRAGA world expo.
The whole interview is accesible through this LINK (only in Czech).

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