Praga 2018
will start in:
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PRAGA 2018 will show the Mauritius ‘Post Office‘
Stamps and the legendary Bombay Cover.
Stamp Stamp


European Parliament Award

The European Philatelic Academy (Académie européene de philatélie; traditionally awards the European Parliament Award to the prominent personalities.
The award ceremony to be executed in 2018 in Prague on August 18 from 5pm in the Rais Room of the Narodni dum na Vinohradech, 9 nam Miru Square, Prague 2. The formal dress requested.
The Plan:

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Youth Philatelic Program

The Prague Postal Museum currently shows the Scout exhibition under the “Pass the Information. The Czech Scout Mail and the other Stories” Slogan being organized in co-operation with the Scout Association, the Scout Institute and with a support of the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition will last from June 20 to Oct. 28, 2018 being accessible also during the PRAGA stamp show.
In the PRAGA exhibition days (Aug. 15-18, 2018) the Prague Postal Museum will expand the temporary exhibition by the additional activities for children up to 16 years visiting the facility. The children´s program to be prepared by, ČVUT-WiTches, Kirke family and the other partners in collaboration with the PRAGA Organizing Committee. Both young & older visitors might participate in the wheel of fortune, the pairs, looking for stamp differences, scout selfie, working with the postage stamps or visit the autograph session of the famous Youtubers .
The program to be led by Czech and English speaking staff available from 10am to 4pm on Aug. 15-17, 2018 & from 10am to 12am on Aug. 18, 2018.
The Postal Museum is located at 2 Nove Mlyny Street, Prague 1, you can easily reach the facility from the PRAGA 2018 venue by taking the underground of B line to the “Namesti Republiky” station.
The Plan:

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PRAGA 2018 Exhibition Catalogue

The PRAGA Exhibition to be accompanied also by the exhibition catalogue summarizing not only the information about the stamp exhibition, the exhibits displayed and about the postage stamps and postmarks prepared by the Czech Postal Administration, but also the pictures of the major rarities shown at the PRAGA Exhibition and a text discussing the history of all the displayed Mauritius stamps and of the Bombay Cover.
The catalogue to be printed in Czech-English wording to be useful also for the international visitors of the exhibition. The catalogue will contain a philatelic item prepared in the co-operation with Czech Postal Administration.  The catalogue price has been set for CZK 300,- (about € 13,-) .

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PRAGA 2018 Tickets Available On-Line & at Selected Selling Places

As announced few weeks ago, the PRAGA 2018 admission tickets are ready for sale at the Internet website of TICKETPORTAL (go to  or to the PRAGA website ).
Some of the PRAGA visitors asked us, if there is a possibility to buy the tickets, when arriving to the Czech Republic. The answer is YES!
The tickets are being sold at the selling places throughout the Czech Republic (more than 800 shops) for the cash payments in Czech Crowns (CZK). The ticket price is the same as shown on the Internet (CZK 300,- for one-off daily ticket and CZK 1.000,- for a permanent ticket for all the exhibition). We selected few places located in Prague, Brno and near the Czech borders to allow the collectors from neighboring countries and abroad to buy the ticket without any ques and loss of time at the selling places. The full list of all the selling points is available at
We are recommending to buy your tickets in advance not to lose the time for waiting in a que and enjoying the PRAGA exhibition!

City of Prague

Praha 1
Václavské nám. 58

Praha 1
Divadlo Hybernia
nám. Republiky 4

Praha 1
Kulturní portá
Vodičkova 791/41

Praha 1
ČEDOK a.s.
Na Příkopě 18

Praha 2 a.s. – 405
Americká 339/39

Praha 3
ITC Travel&Conference s.r.o.
Koněvova 41

Praha 4
CK Čedok – Centrum Chodov
Roztylská 2321/19

Praha 4
CK Čedok – Arkády Pankrác
Na Pankráci 86

Praha 5
Tabák Valmont – OC Nový Smíchov
Plzeňská 965/8

Praha 6
Bělohorská 99

Praha 7 a.s. – 753
Dělnická 541/13

Praha 8
Tourist Centre Praha Florenc
Křižíkova 6

Praha 9
Sport Actions & Travel, s.r.o.
Business Centrum, Ocelářská 35

 City of Brno

Cejl 105/107

Dům pánů z Lipé, nám. Svobody 86/17

CK Čedok Brno Globus
Hradecká 40

Brno a.s. – 954
Kounicova 685/20

Agentura Zabloudil
Lidická 4

Poštovská 70/2


CK Travel Club /naproti kina Koruna/
U Tržiště 1029/17

TIC města Hodonína
Národní třída 36

Uherské Hradiště
Prostřední 44

Turistické informační centrum
Dolní náměstí 1356

CK Čedok Zlín
Kvítkova 80


K3 Bohumín, p. o.
Studentská 781

Český Těšín a.s. – 339
Nádražní 208/18

CK Čedok Frýdek – Místek
J. V. Sládka 34

Městské informační centrum
Masarykovo náměstí 1

Ostravský informační servis, s.r.o.
Letiště Leoše Janáčka Ostrava

 Germany (Bayern)

Turistické infocentrum Cheb
Jateční 2

CA Jatour – JUDr. Josef Janů
Masarykovo náměstí 17/190

Karlovy Vary
T. G. Masaryka 53

 Germany (Sachsen)

CK Čedok – OC NISA Liberec
České Mládeže 456 460 (OC NISA)

Městské informační centrum
Lužické nám. 103

 Austria (Oberösterreich)

Český Krumlov
Náměstí svornosti 2

Jindřichův Hradec
ČEDOK Partner
Panská 136/l

Austria (Niederösterreich)

CK Čedok Jihlava
Masarykovo náměstí 26

Tabák Valmont
Dr. Milady Horákové 19


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PRAGA 2018 Palmáres

The exhibitors participating in the PRAGA 2018 World Stamp Exhibition will receive the exhibition medals and diplomas at the Palmáres. But this time, there are two Palmáres scheduled!
The official Palmáres Dinner to be executed for National House (nám. Míru 820/9, Praha 2) for August 18, 2018 from 7pm. The participation requests the formal dress code and buying an admission ticket for CZK 2.500,- / person at the Union of Czech Philatelists (SČF) exhibition desk. Only the gold medals for exhibits receiving more than 90 points to be presented here.
The second Palmáres event has been scheduled for Stella Room of the Clarion Congress Hotel for August 18, 2018 from 3 to 4pm. The representatives of the PRAGA Organizing Committee will present here the diplomas and medals to the exhibitors personally attending the event, who were awarded with a medal up to 89 points (Large Vermeil). There are no tickets or dress code requested for participation in the ceremony, the exhibitors and their accompanying persons only need to show a valid admission ticket to PRAGA 2018 exhibition allowing them to enter the exhibition venue.

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The Bombay Cover miniature sheet on sale at the Praga 2018!

Even though the main highlight of the Praga 2018 World Exhibition will be the real Bombay Cover, nothing will prevent you from getting a wonderful souvenir of the cover – the Bombay Cover miniature sheet. You can buy it at Czech Post’s stands in the Clarion Hotel and the Olympic Hotel during the exhibition.
The legendary Bombay Cover is one of the three most expensive philatelic products in the world. It is famous for its two rare 1-penny stamps with unique wide margins. The theme of the miniature sheet is based on the motif of the stamp and complements it with the motif of a historical map. The face value is CZK 59.

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