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Číslo rámu Příjmení Jméno Název exponátu
22001-22005 Basho Jovan Albanian Postal History during Italien Occupation (1939 – 1943)
22006-22010 Dashi Kozma The postal history of Albania 1913 – 1943
22289-22293 Dashi Kozma The Military Post Offices of Italy in Albania during WW I
13001-13008 D´Agostino Juan Martin Argentina 1892 – 1899- Rivadavia, Belgrano and San Martin
13009-13016 Casielles Miguel Jose Centenario de la Revolucion de 1810
23001-23008 Schlichter Andres Jorge Mail in Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile 1806 – 1945
LB001 Del Prato Martin Horacio Encyclopedia de Historia Postal Argentina
LB002 Del Prato Martin Horacio Los Ferrocarriles Argentinos – Ramales, Estaciones e Historia Postal
14001-14008 Gray Nancy Specimen Presentation and CTO Stamps of Australia 1901 – 1966
14009-14013 Wells Penny New Zealand The Penny Universal 1901 – 1908
24001-24008 Groom Malcolm Australian External Airmails to 1945
24009-24013 Beston Bernard Avis de Reception of Australian colonies and Commonwealth
LM001 Mc. Mahon Ian Postal Stationery Collector
44001 Johnstone James The 1897 Consumptiyes home charity issue of new south Wales
70001-70005 Brown Gary South Africa Revenues: 1910 – 1932 the First Period
12001-12005 Kotal Herbert Ungarn 1867 – 1887
22011-22018 Lind Armin Money- and Value- Letters on Austria 1770 – 1947
22019-22023 Hanacek Gerhard Ghetto Theresienstadt 1941 – 1945 (Previous title: Theresienstadt 1941 – 1945)
22024-22031 Heschl Gerald Austria – Papal States 1815 – 1859
LB003 Krammer Stefan The History of postal services of the city of YBBS/Donau
LM002 Kobelbauer Helmut The Sub-Carpathian Messenger
50001-50005 Kugler Peter „Strange“ letters and postage stamps
22032-22036 Dymshits Mikhail Prepaymen without Use of Postage Stamps and Beneficial Franking of Post Offships in the USSR in 1923 – 1941
22037-22041 Dymshits Mikhail Standartization of Addressing and Indexing of Postal Items of the Soviet Post (1917 – 1991)
LB004 Shipilina Irina Postage stamps of the Republic Belarus 2016
12006-12010 Meuwis Michel The 20 cents Empire serrated Napoleon III
12011-12015 Lisabeth Robert King Albert I „Montenez Issue 1921“
22042-22049 Wijnants Paul Stampless Maritime overweight mail in pre-UPU times (1765 – 1876)
LB005 Wijnants Paul The Maritime Connections to and from New South Wales before 1876
60001-60005 Bottu Mark Goethe, more than Faust
22050-22057 Bezzera Silva Ginaldo The French Postal Service from origins to 1848
23009-23016 Santos Everaldo Navigation lines serving South America
LB006 Xavier Junior Mário Basic Classification of Brazilian Meter Stamps
43001 Bufalo Almir Jundiahy/SP – Brazil: From the Beginning to 1888 (Previous title: Jundiahy/SP-Brazil: The Postal Reform to the Republic” (1829-1889))
12144-12151 Karagiannidis Anestis Greece The 1896 Olympic issue
23017-23021 Qureshi Ijaz Canada/USA Steamship Mail to and from British India : 1878 – 1914
24014-24018 Chiu Sammy Wei Hai Wei China 1895 – 1949
LB007 Friedenthal Steven Czechoslovakia Machine Advertising Cancels. The First Repubic Period
43002 Mc Entyre John Canada 1930: The Electricity and Gas Revenue Issue
70006-70010 Fleet James. R British Colony of Canada Second Bill Stamps Issue
13017-13021 Xie Lei The First Autopost Stamp of United States
14014-14021 Wu Shuqing The First Set of Definitive Stamps of P.R. China(1949-1954)
24019-24026 Lu David The International Postal Route of China (1914-1945)
24027-24031 Shen Dunwu China International Postal Routes During The Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
LB008 Zhang Huadong The Origin Of The Penny Black
LB009 Chen Guocheng The Regular Stamps of People’s Republic Of China(1950-1974)
50006-50010 Jiao Jiang “Truelove Knot” Special-Use Stamps For Individualized Services(2013-2017)
70011-70015 Duan Hui Pre-Printed Stamp Duty Voucher Paper of China (From 1943 To 1958)
Chinese Taipei
13022-13029 Ho Michael Bolivia: The 19th Century US Banknote Company issues
24032-24039 Lin Mao-Hsin The Development of China´s International Airmail 1924 to 1949
LB010 Huang Kung-Yu Collector´s Philatelic Annual Report (2017. vol 29)
LB011 Lin Mao-Hsin Postal History Research vol. 34
70016-70023 Hsu Chun-Yu Revenue of Taiwan (1949 – 1987)
13030-13037 Frohlich Alfredo Chile, The Rouletted Issue, 1877 – 1899
13038-13045 Cruz Santiago Colombia – The Perkins 1917 issue
50011-50015 Alwers Rolf Postconflict Colombian Philately
Costa Rica
13046-13053 Castro – Harrigan Álvaro Costa Rica: The 1907 Issue
43003 Romero Alexander Costa Rica – 1944 – 47 – University used on Air Tickets and Passports. Scarcely Known
70024-70028 Pacheco Fernan Taxpaid Stamps of Costa Rica
12016-12020 Novakovic Damir „The four provisionals- provisionals´stamps issued in 1945 under Yugoslav Military Administration – Errors, Varieties, and postal use
LB012 Vilfan Mladen First Croatian postage stamps issue 29.10.1918
LB013 Librič Ivan „Otkrivam poštanske marky“
LM003 Croatia Federation of Philatelists Hrvatski Filatelist
LM004 Croatian philatelic society Zadar Philatelic magazin „Zadarski filatelist“
42001 Marinšek Aleš The First Croatian WWII local issue – Unofficial Local Issue of Medjimurje 1941
42002 Vilfan Mladen First Croatian postage stamps issue 29.10.1918
23022-23026 Adrian Fernandez Cuba´s Prephilatelic Postal Markings
23027-23031 José Ramón Mallón Domestic Postal Service Special Deleivery in Cuba and from Cuba to United States
70029-70033 Joaquim Espinosa Sellos Fiscales de Cuba durante la administracion Espaňola
12021-12028 Christou Akis Cyprus 1880 – 1896 The Victorian issues
LM005 Rangos Nycos Cyprus Philately
Czech Republic
11001-11008 Hauptman Miloš Czechoslovakia 1950 – 1961: Multi stamp Flat Plate Printing form Steel Engraving
11009-11013 Schindler Rudolf Československo: Doplatní známky 1918 – 1938
11014-11018 Pixa Václav Czech Republic 1993 – 1995
11019-11026 Mádl Tomáš Czechoslovakia 1918 – 1939
11026-11030 Chudoba Josef Czechoslovakia – Liberated Republic
11031-11035 Svoboda Václav T.G. Masaryk v Československé známkové produkci 1918 – 1937
14022-14026 Černý Jiří Travancore – Official Stamps 1911 – 1948
14027-14034 Tuček Petr Siam – The Provisional Att Surcharges 1889 – 1899 on Second Issue and its Study
21001-21005 Filípek Zdeněk Silesia Orientale
21006-21010 Aksamit Pavel Czechoslovak Currency Reform 1953
21011-21018 Bouda Pavel Hradčany – Postal using of the First Drawing
21019-21026 Červinka Miloš Development of postal services in Děčín region
21027-21031 Hauzr Michal Persecution of the Jewish Nation in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Terezín Ghetto
21032-21036 Münzberger Vladimír Perfins and their forerunners in Cisleithania until 1900
21037-21044 Severín Peter Postal History of Slovakia 1850 – 1875 before – Österreichische Post in der heutigen Slowakei 1850 – 1875
21045-21049 Škaloud Jiří Insured Letters during the Validity of the Hradčan Issue
21050-21057 Škaloud Jiří Hradčany letter mail in the first postal rate period (Previous title: Hradcany letter mail in the period of simultaneous validity of Austro-Hungarian stamps)
21058-21062 Šmíd Antonín Prague Tubemail I
21063-21070 Vaníček Vít Postal History of Czech Lands (from the beginning until 1867)
21071-21078 Černík Milan Restoration of Postal Operation in Czechoslovakia after WW2
LB014 Borůvka Jaroslav Postal History of the Royal Dowry Town Jaroměř
LB015 Leiš Ivan Žralok a Frankotyp
LB016 Leiš Ivan Československé výplatní otisky 1946 – 1992
LB017 Rubišar Jaroslav Otisky výplatních strojů z území Československa a České republiky, námětu železniční a kolejová doprava
LB018 Štefek Miroslav Austrian- Hungary and Europe after the 1914 – 1918 World War
LB019 Trnka Hynek Monograph of Czechoslovak airmail Entires 1920 – 1939
LB020 Čtvrtečka Jaroslav Košický aršík
LC001 Lukeš Emanuel Open Philately – Handbook
LC002 Punčochář Jaroslav Overview of Czech Airmail 1993 – 2017
LC003 Štefek Miroslav Kypast Jan E-catalogue: Československo 1918 – 1939 on cover
41001 Amler Tomáš 1927 4th Postage Due Provisional issue (CHAINBRAKER) 50/150h
41002 Svoboda Václav Chomutov post office and the cancellations until the year 1916
60006-60010 Kraus Jiří Search and Discovery of Antarctica
60011-60015 Kraus Jiří The First Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901 – 1904
13054-13058 Larsen Klaus Bonde Danish west Indies 1856 – 1917
22058-22062 Kierkegaard Asbjorn The Postal History of La Grande Armee 1805 – 1808 and 1812 – 1814
42003 Gade Tony Danish West Indies: Prephilatelic mail with The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. To Denmark 1842 1865
50016-50020 Jensen Jorgen Trecentenary of the Romanov Dynasty
60016-60020 Mouritsen Iva A Royal Ménage á Trois and its Historical Consequences
23032-23036 Maier Georg Postal History of the Audience of Quito during the Real Renda de Correos (1769 – 1822)
LB022 Maier Georg The Postal Stationery of Ecuador (1884 – 2017)
43004 Abad Coronel Edgar Javier One hundred years of the Foundation of the Republic of Ecuador 1930
43005 Suarez Teddy Ecuador: Classic Telegraph Issues and their use for postal emergencies 1892 – 1928
14035-14039 Omar Yasser King Fouad I of Egypt – The first portrait issue (1923 – 26)
22063-22070 Salam Hany Egypt: Maritime Mail Routes, 19th century
42004 M.Elshamaa Khaled 19th century French post office in Alexandria
12029-12036 Koskiaho Tuomo Estonia 1918 – 1941
22071-22078 Pitkänen Risto Postal History of Finland prior to the UPU
42005 Muhonen Ari Mail of the Red Guards area, Finland, Spring 1918
12037-12041 Gontier Jean-Claude The commemorative issue of the 1924 olympic games in Paris and its use
14040-14047 Pedrero Josette Zealandia, one penny universal (01-011901 – 07-11-1909)
22079-22086 Abensur Brigitte When the „Perforate Empire“ stamps travelled outside France
22087-22091 Andrivor Didier Mail Handling in Marseilles until 1876
22092-22096 Gibot Jean-Fracois The 40 orange cents of the empire selection of pieces
22097-22101 Magne Jean-Piere Les Relations de la Russie Imperiale res la France de 1888 a 1875
60021-60025 Aronis Henri Everything you should know about the tooth!
11036-11040 Wilhelms Georg „Modern Czechoslovakia“ Specialities to the issues of the stamps 1943 – 1983
11041-11048 Wilhelms Georg Czechoslovakia „The Hradcany Issue“
13059-13063 Maier Jörg Chile – The 1905 issue „PESSO BRONCE“
13064-13068 Heimbüchler Fritz Brazil 1798 – 1856
13069-13076 Jaretzky Rolf-Dieter Confederate States of America
14048-14052 Ott Wilhelm Brunei 1895 – 1951
14053-14057 von Scharpen Rainer Perfins of the French Colonies and Post Offices Abroad (Part IV: Black Afrika – Asia – Post offices Abroad – Nadated Territories)
22102-22109 Wiegand Manfred The German Empire 1875 – 1900
22110-22117 Heck Peter The Netherlands – Postmarks, from the first to 1813/14
22118-22122 Liebermann Hartmut Postmarks in Bohemia and Moravia during the Post-war period after World Warr II
22123-22127 Wruck Rolf-Dieter Maritime Mail Portugal- South Atlantic 1798 – 1877 (Previous title: Portugal – Maritime mail 1750-1875)
24040-24044 Grundmann Wilhelm Mongolia – Land of Genghis Khan. Post offices and Postmarks 1878 – 1939
LB023 Global Philatelic Network EDITION D´OR Volume 44:Postal History of Hungary 1867 – 1871 * The Dr. Géza Homonnay Collection
LB024 Jakubek Wolfgang Thema 3. Reich ein Bildband und Erinnerungen
LB025 Gärtner Christoph The Transformation of the German Postal Systém between the French Revolution (1792) and the Congress of Vienna (1814/1815)
LB026 Gärtner Christoph Franking 1852 – 1867 Turn und Taxis
LB027 Gärtner Christoph The stamps of Austria and Lombardy Venetia 1850 – 1867
LB028 Guhl Klaus United Nations 1942 – 1951
LB029 Maassen Wolfgang Der geheinnisvolle Phillipp von Ferrari, Philatelist, Philanthrop und Kosmopolit
LB030 Maassen Wolfgang Phillippe de Ferrari, cet inconnu
LB031 Tretner Hubert A contribution to the history of competitive exhibition activity in the Halle/Saale Region 1985 – 1990
LB032 Schwaneberger Verlag Michel Guide Identity stamps
LB033 Wewer Heinz Postal documents of the German Occupation regime in the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
LB034 Wewer Heinz „Departed without leaving an address“ postal documents on persecution and terror under national socialsm
LM006 Kirchner Hermann WAPPENKURIER
LC004 Richter Eberhard Specialized Catalogue of Se-tenant Stamps and Stamps Booklets of the DDR (part 1-3)
LC005 Richter Eberhard Se-tenant Stamps of the DDR, Printing Plate Flaws and Printing Errors (part1 – 2)
LC006 Osthues Wilfried Special Catalogue of Postal Stationeries Czech Republic 1993 – 2017 in diverse parts
LC007 Schwaneberger Verlag Michel Germany Specialized 2017 in 2 volumes
LC008 Schwaneberger Verlag Michel Overseas in 20 volumes 2017/2018
LC009 Schwaneberger Verlag Michel Europe 2017/2018 in 7 volumes
42006 Springer Renate The Saxon Military Post of the Napoíleonic Era 1806 – 1818
42007 Springer Christian Saxony letters during the 30 year war 1618 – 1648
12042-12046 Cangelaris Panayotis Greek issues of Thace 1920
42008 Koutsounakis Emmanouil The German Imperial Navy in the Cretan Blockade
42009 Galinos Alexandre The postal history of the French „Armée de morée, 1828 – 1833
13077-13081 Bendeck Sergio Honduras Air Mail 1925 – 1934
13082-13086 Bendeck Maria Beatriz Honduras 1865 – 1899 (Previous title: Honduras XIX Century)
23037-23041 Mejla Mauricio Honduras first and commemorative flights
Hong Kong
24045-24049 Chan Stephen Postal History of Macau during WW II
24050-24054 Mak Kwok Pui China 1937:International postal service during the first year of the Second Sino-Japanese War
24055-24059 Juai Wai Chung People´s Letter Offices (Min Hsin Chu) of China during the Qing Dynasty Period
LB035 Kwan Tony to Wah Studies of Classic Stamps of Qing Dynasty Vol 18
12047-12051 Kostyál Ferenc Hungary 1871
21079-21086 Lövei György Czechoslovak Monetery Reform
22128-22132 Czirók Dénes The Development of the Mail in Hungary 1750 – 1850
LB036 Perneczky Lászlo Bilingual Sticker Labels of Post Saving Bank Account Booklets in Transcarpathia 1939 – 1945
LB037 Szücs Károly Fiscal Philately of Hungary
42010 Nagy Gábor On Grandfather Trail (Previous title: On Grandfather’s Trail“ Railway Postmarks on Austro-Hungarian POW Correspondence from Trans-Siberian Line in WWI)
42011 Tóth György Korona – Pengi mixed franking on foreign shipments in 26 March 1926 31 March 1927
14058-14065 Jain Pragya A Study of the First Issues of India (1852 – 1854)
24060-24064 Jayakar Rajan Dead Letter Offices in India till 1947
LB038 Dave Markands The 1989 Airmail stamps of India
LB039 Doddaballapur B Ramakrishna Indian Stamps Featuring Personages from Abroad
14066-14073 Wijaya Avie Indonesia 1945 – 1949 under NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration)
60026-60030 Adikusuma Teguh Wira Automobile, My Journey to the Expo and Returning Home
70034-70038 Wibawanto Agus Repoeblik Indonesia, the Documentary Revenue Stamps During Turbulent Period in Java 1945 – 1949
12052-12056 Warrren Brian The Irish Bird Definitives. The Rec-Euro Issues (Previous title: The Bird Definitives)
60036-60040 Casey Patrick Victoria Regina, her Life , Times and Legacy
22133-22137 Hedy Faibel Hradcany – the first issue of Czechoslovakia
22138-22145 Slutzki Joel Palestine Rates & Routes June 1927-1948
22146-22153 Tsachor Yacov France: 1871-1878 perforated Ceres: Rates,Routes & Postmarks
22294-22301 Kremener Mordechai Postal services in Beirut Lebanon until 1918
22154-22158 Traina Giuseppe The 1 Lira stamps since the Ancient States up to the Italian Republic
22159-22163 Panza Marco The postal rates and the free franks in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy 1805 – 1814
LB040 Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici E Sportivi I Collect „All the colors of the Iris“
LB041 Rigo Franco Venezia e il Levante
LB042 Manzati Claudio Ernesto M. Italian priority Mail: history, stamps, postal rates and collectable aspects
41003 Cucchiani Giovanni Prijezd presidenta Masaryka
50021-50025 Manzati Claudio Ernesto M. The definitive stamps of Italian Priority Mail
60031-60035 Polo Pasquale Through the Colors of the Rainbow
11049-11056 Takaku Kenichi Czechoslovakia Hradcany Issue 1918 – 1920
14074-14081 Hatanaka Tamidou Chrysanthemum Issue of Japan
14082-14089 Nagai Masayasu Private Printing Period in Victoria 1850 – 1859
14090-14097 Ishizawa Tsukasa Ryukyus 1945 – 1952
14098-14102 Sato Koichi Indian Feudatory state: Hyderabad
24065-24072 Ikeda Kenzaburo The Development of Japanese EXPRESS DELIVERY Service in Early Period (Previous title: Prompt Delivery in Japan from Pre-adhesive Period to 1933)
LB043 Sobue Yoshinobu Hand-Engraved Stamps JAPAN 1871 – 1876
LB044 Ichikawa Toshiyuki Czechoslovak Gallery
LB045 Shoda Yukihiro International Exhibition History 1965 – 2004
LM007 Yoshida Takashi Stampedia Philatelic Journal
LC010 Japan Philatelic Society Foundation Ryukyu Specialized Catalogue
LC011 Japan Philatelic Society Foundation Japanese Specialized Catalogue vol.1, vol.2
44002 Ikeda Kenzaburo Japanese High Value Definitive issue „Fujiwara-no- Kamatari 5 Yen“
44003 Iwasaki Tomoyuki Advertised Postmarks in Japan
60041-60045 Tadatsu Akira The Czechoslovak government in exile 1940 – 1945
14103-14107 Han Hey-Kyung Chosun Stamps in transition period 1945 – 1948
LB046 Rhee Kun Hoo Nepal – Korea flower Stamps and the short Essays
LB047 Korea Philatelic Society Korea Stamp 130 Year
41004 Min Kyong Ok 3550 Won Definitive Issue during basic postage rate 330 Won Period
24073-24080 Abdul Mughni Khaled Kuwait Postal History – Indian Era 1902 – 1949
24081-24085 Alrais Ali Kuwait Postal History 1878 – 1958
LM008 Kuwait Philatelic Society Al Posta Magazine
12057-12064 Huys-Berlingin Jan The First Three Stamps of Belgium 1849 the „Epaulettes“ and the „Medaillon“ 40c
22164-22168 Urbonas Juozas Lithuanian Deportes Post
22169-22176 Uspuras Eugenijus Railway post services in Lithuania 1861 – 1949
22177-22181 Liesis Edmundas Postal Cancels in Kaunas
12065-12069 Basien Antunes Maria Grande-Duchesse Charlotte de Luxembourg 1896 – 1985
12070-12074 Schauck Marc Die Wappenmarken (1859 – 1880) des Grossherzogturms Luxemburg
LM009 FSPL Luxembourg Federation Le Moniteur du Collectionneur
23042-23046 Rosenthal Jonathan Postal History of the 1889 Mexico Medallions issue
23047-23054 Rosenthal Salomon The Route to the UPU: Mexico Foreign Mail issues, Their Postal History
LB048 Chong José Gilberto La presentacia China en México a Través del Correo
LC012 Sienra Victor Historia postal y Catálogo del Correo Akreo de Mexico
22182-22189 Voruz Jean Swiss Postal Service Development 1862 – 1900
22190-22197 Katurič Bjordaje Bokelian Seaman letters from and to sailing vessels 1830 – 1890
22198-22202 Katurič Tomo Occupation Montenegro and Bodda di Cattaro 1941 – 1944
LB049 Severovič Lazar Golden philatelists capt. Tomo Katurič
21087-21094 Van Dooremalen Hans Postal history of Brno up to 1875 (Previous title: Czechoslovakia-Brno: Postal History)
22203-22207 van der Horst Hans Service suspended during World War 2
24086-24093 van Welie Gerard Louis Destination Insulinde – Mail to the Netherlands East Indies 1788 – 1900
LB050 TSchroots J.L.C.M Luchtvaart en lucht encyclopedie (part2)
LB051 van Dooremalen Hans War Hospitals in Brünn during the Great War
LM010 Hillesum René Filatelie 2017
New Zealand
14108-14112 Beach Tim New Zealand 1960 Pictorials
14113-14120 Chitty Lindsay The New Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 1898
24094-24098 Schluter Tony New Zealand´s Postal History to 1874 (Previous title: New Zealand’s Victorial Era Postal History to 1876)
44004 Jans Frank New Zealand Fund Raising Social Events 1903 – 1921
50026-50030 Dizon Nilo Jr. The Hologram in Philately
60046-60050 Banfield Jeannette Taxed from the Cradle to the Grave
11057-11061 Klemetsen Jon Czechoslovakia, 1918 – 1928
13087-13091 Lund Elvind Ecuador. The second issued stamps, British and French stamps September 1. 1873 – 1881
22208-22215 Komnaes Tom Norwegian Skilling Covers – domestic and abroad
23055-23062 Trondsen Eigil Cunard Line: The Ships and the Transatlantic Mail 1840 – 1867, the Monopoly Years
LC013 Oslo fil kLubb Norgeskatalogen 2018
60051-60058 Mathiassen Henning Jarle Longer, Higher, Faster – Success, Trouble and Disaster
LB052 Al Attar Hatim Sultanate of Oman Postal System 1966 – 2016
42012 Sredi Redouane Military Post Office French of Agadir 1914 – 1961
50031-50035 Al Shkili Malik Commemorative Issue of GCC Exhibitions
50036-50040 Al Habsi Sultan Arab Postal Day Joint Issue 2012
14121-14125 Hussain Syed Imtiaz Pakistan Pre-Decimal Period, 1947 – 49
LB053 Isani Usman Ali Pakistan overprints on service post cards of British India with forms used by north western railways
44005 Minto Shakeel Afghanistan Parcel Post stamps (3 Afghani) 1928 – 1929
44006 Muhamad Aslam Zahid Mail from Dead LetterOffice – Lahore 1887 – 1927
50041-50045 Muhammad Jamil Ahmed Quaid – E – Azam (1994-2016 Definative Series)
LM011 Asociacion Filatelica Peruana Filatelia Peruana
43006 Marquez Henry The First two Airmail Stamps of Peru, Their Relation and Usage
22216-22223 Chabros Slawomir Polish Legions 1914 – 1918
22224-22228 Klosinski Andrzej The post on Polish Territory during the Formation of the Borders of the 2nd Republic of Poland, 1918 – 1922
LB054 Mietus Miroslaw Correspondence from Prussian Network of Rain Gauges Located presently in Poland Greater Poland (Wielkolpolska) 1919 – 1920
42013 Zbierski Marek Newspaper traffic in Poland 1918 – 1924
42014 Drzewiecki Przemyslaw The Polish Army of General anders in the USSR in Postal Documentation 1941 – 1942
12075-12079 Pereira Claudino Memories of Portuguese India
23063-23067 Pedroso Maia Júlio Crossing the Atlantic Transatlantic Mail US-France 1840 – 1874
LM012 Rebelo Américo Lopes Articles about Maximafilia published in several magazines, referring to the years 2016/2017
14126-14130 Al Thani Sarah Saudi Arabia 1925 – 1926 The Nedj Takeover of Hijaz
14131-14138 Jassim Ali Iraq in Occupation (Previous title: Iraq in Occupation Era)
24099-24103 Sourour Yacoub Aden Postal History
24104-24108 Al Thani Hamad Saud Mohd. Qatar Postal History
12080-12087 Emanoil-Alexandru Savoiu Romania 1872 – 1878
12088-12092 Lordache Lidia Carol II with the inscription „Posta“ Impared stamp issue
LB055 Vasile Doros Claudiu Doros The impresionism fascination and color
LB056 Braia Vasile Postal History and Philately
LB057 Savoice Emanoil – Alexandru Romanian postal stationary 1870 – 1956
60059-60063 Ambrus Francis 100 years of Romanian Commerce and Stock Exchange, 1847 – 1947
70039-70043 Apostu Adrian German Occupation in Romania on Romania Revenues 1917 – 1918
12093-12100 Mramornov Alexander Stamps of Civil War in Russia (1918 – 1924)
22229-22233 Babochkin Alexej Post Gefördezungen zwischen Deutschland und Mittelamerika (Westindien) mit deutschen Reedereien
22234-22238 Ryss Igor Postal History of Georgia
22239-22246 Solomonov Artur Industry of the Russia Empire of Mailings of XIX – XX centuries
LB058 Chudesova Galina Architectural Chronicle of Saint-Petersburg 1703 – 1917
LB059 Zagorsky Valery Russian Empire Zemstvo Postage Stamps 1866 – 1919
LM013 Strygin Andrei The World of Stamps and Coin – magazine
LM014 JSC Marka Magazine „PHILATELY“ 2017
LC014 Vinokurov Ardalion Russian Field Post in the Civil War (1918 – 1922)
LC015 JSC Marka Catalogue „The Postage Stamps of the Russian Federation 1992 – 2017
LC016 Obukhov Yuri Large Catalog of Zemstvo Posts in Russia Perm governorate
Saudi Arabia
14139-14143 Al Kahtani Mubarak Hejaz and Najd Post Issue (1928) (Previous title: Hejaz and Najd Post Issue (1926))
24109-24116 Aldrees Saad Mohammed Saudi Arabia Postal History 1857 – 1934
LB060 Safdar Mohamed Kamal Collection of Indian States Revenues
LB061 Safdar Mohamed Kamal Fake and Forgeries on Postage Stamps and un official Issue and Issue and un official overprint
22247-22254 Boricic Alexander The Postal History of Montenegro 1799 – 1916
50046-50050 Milic Vladimir Personalized Postage Stamps of Serbia Since 2006
70044-70048 Ljubcic Nikola Revenue Stamps of Serbia 1881 – 1914
24117-24121 Chong Siow Min The Progression of Postal Services in Singapore 1945 – 1965
24122-24129 Choy Patrick Postal History of China Liberated Areas in Gold/Silver Yuan Era
24130-24134 Wong Chee Kong A Study of the TEC Postage Value Labels of Singapore 1983 – 2003
11062-11069 Lazar Pavol Czechoslovakia 1918 – 1939
11070-11074 Jurkovič Martin Carpatho – Ukraine 1945
12101-12105 Piszton Otto Perfins in Hungary
21095-21099 Máj Jozef Letters proving post routes in Years 1850 – 1866 on the territory of present- day Slovakia
41005 Bachratý Miroslav Posta Militare 52 in employment of the Czechoslovak legion in Italy 1918 – 1919
41006 Jurkovič Martin Children Sheet
12106-12110 Kranjc Bojan Slovenia 1919 – 1920 Newspaper Stamps and their Overprints
42015 Tomc Alojz The Italian Military Post Office No. 59 during World War II
60064-60068 Ferant Veni LADS, LET´S GRAB A PINT!
South Africa
13092-13099 Hofmeyr Jan „Postal and experimental uses of the USA 3c denomination: 1861 – 1869 (Previous title: The development and use of the 3c Washington: 1861-69)
14144-14151 Friend Francois King George V Stamps of St Helena
24135-24139 Findlay James South Africa and the First World War
11075-11079 González Benito Czech Scout Post 1918 (Revolutionary Period)
22255-22262 Alemany Luis Spain: Incoming Mail from Abroad period to UPU
23068-23075 Sitja Jesús Maritime Mail in the Pacific Coast of South-America (1819 to UPU) (Previous title: Maritime Mail of Spanish Colonies in America)
LB062 FESOFI Illustrated Philatelic Dictionary
LM015 Galaron Calvo Andrés Weekly Philatelic items in the Diario de Burgos 2016 / 2018
LM016 Edifil S.A. RF, Philately Magazine, Year 2017
LC017 Edifil S.A. Catalogue of the Local and Political Stamps of teh Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939, Volumes 10
LC018 Edifil S.A. Specialized Catalog of Spain Stamps Vols I to VII (1850 – 2017)
LC019 Edifil S.A. Unified Edifil Catalog of Spain Stamps 2018
LC020 Edifil S.A. Unified Edifil Catalog of Spain and Dependences Stamps 2018
12111-12118 Rietz Ake Great Britain – Line Engraved Issues 1840 – 1870
12119-12123 Ljungh Jan.Olof The first stamps of the German Empire: The Eagle Shield Stamps and the Values 10 and 30 Groschen
21100-21104 Asklund Stig Meter Stamps of Czechoslovakia 1926 – 1939
24140-24147 Pahlman Sven Dutch East Indies: Routes and Rates 1672 – 1919 (Previous title: Dutch East Indies: Routes and Rates 1672 – 1917)
LC021 Lithén Gunnar Facit Special Classic 2018
22263-22267 Schaefer Richard Swiss Letter Mail during the First Federal Period 1849 – 1854 Cantonal- and Transitional Stamps, Locals and Rayon I, II and III
LB063 Schaefer Richard The First Federal Postage Stamps of Switzerland Letter Mail 1.10.1850 – 30.9.1854
41007 Fink Peter Christmas Aerogramme World War II
70049-70053 Kimmel Kurt Revenue stamps Lombardy-Venetia
14152-14159 Sinchawla Santpal Classic Burma
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